Aromatherapy - Flowers, Herbs and Plants in Use

Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years and recently has gained in popularity in the holistic and natural alternative arena. Today millions of people are discovering the remarkable healing power through this ancient art. The aromatherapy heating pad and the herbal heating pad are becoming very popular.

It is used to affect a person health or mood is more common in other parts of the world but is gaining popularity here in the United States as people search for alternative solutions to better health and riding sickness.

Th liquid is obtained from plant materials, normally called Essential oils Sometimes several essential oils are mixed becoming a "blend". The blend will have a special effect like making you feel more relaxed, more invigorated, less stressed or heighten your mood.

In some countries, especially in Asia, essential oils are used as a medical treatment.

The first uses of essential oil was in antiquity, were the use of aromas were used for medicinal purposes. Later, when distillation practices were used the actual oil from the plants were used.

The first time the word “Aromatherapy” was know to be used was in the 1920’s. Apparently a research scientist, studying the effects of essential oils had a fire in the lab and his arm and clothing caught on fire. The nearest thing to him to put out the fire on his arm was a vat of Lavender essential oil.

He immediately slipped his arm into the vat and was surprises to notice that the lavender oil greatly reduced the pain. It also aided in the recovery time and healing, with minimal scarring and discomfort.

Essential oils are used in various ways. They can used has a massaging oil, in bath water, applied topically to the skin for infections, burns, and rashes.

Also they can be taken orally and diffused for inhalation for respiratory disinfection and congestion. Other uses are as an anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial.

Please note that each of these uses demands different strengths and methods of application. It is necessary to follow instructions for each application. In countries were Aromatherapy is most practiced, like France, it is many times under a Doctors care.

Scientist are still not sure actually how the these essential oils work leaving some doctors to be skeptical about there effectiveness. However, some clinical studies have shown positive results.

Here is a small list of some of the most popular essential oils used today.