Electric Blankets - help stay warm all night!

Electric blanket for safer than ever

An electric blanket is simply a blanket with an heating element inside. The first electric blankets were made in the early 1900's. Although it is much different than the electric blankets of today.

Most people position the blanket on top of the covers of the bed. However a similar device is the mattress pad which is placed underneath the bottom bed sheet.

These blankets and pads have thermostats or controls that let you set the desired temperature. Some of the blankets have a control for both sides of the bed. Some people use it as a way to heat up the bed prior to entering and then shut it off. While others may use it for the entire evening.

Especially the original models and up until the past ten years, they were considered quite dangerous if caution was not taken. Flammable bedding material and sleep ware; electrical wiring and heat are a potential fire hazard.

In the U.K. it is estimated that 5,000 fires a year are started by faulty electrical blankets. However 99% of these fire are from blankets more than ten years old. Usually from worn and tattered wires. - Blankets made in the last ten years have different standards and the technology has greatly improved. They are much safer but care should ways be used when using electrical appliances or using heat for humans or