Electric Heating Pads - Relieves Aches and Pains and Warms the Body

electric heating pad

Years ago electric heating pads replaced the water bottle as the most popular way of applying heat to aches and pains. The first electrical heating pads were developed around 1911. The main problem with the first heating pads and until about 10 years ago was the fire hazard. Usually because of old and worn wires and tattered fabric allowing wires to come in contact with bedding material.

In the past ten wires the heating pads are much safer, due to government regulations and new "wire" technology. The FDA issues a statement in 1995 outlining it's proper and safe use of electric heating pads. In addition the possibility of fire are the effects of prolonged use of an heating pad. Doctors recommend that you use heat of about 20 minutes and then let the "cool down" for a while - another 20 -30 minutes or so. Some people with chronic pain may use the heating pads for hours at a time, sometimes all night.

These heating pads are usually about 17 x17 depending on the manufacturer. The all have a thermostatic control to vary the temperature desired. Also newer models have automatic shut offs that can be very helpful. There are three basic types of electrical heating pads - dry heating pad moist heating pad and

massage heating pad