Herbal Heating Pad

Herbal heating pads are an effective way to combine the pain relief abilities of heat with the soothing and stimulating effects of herbs and essential oils. Although using herbs for medicinal purpose has been around for thousands of years it has been only recently that they gained popularity in use with a heating pad.

What is a herb? The root of the word comes form the word herbaceous. Which is simply a group of non-woody plants. Most of the plants in this group are perennials, which die each year after their growing season. However a more lose fitting term might be any plant that is useful to man.

Herbs can be used in/for:



- Aromatherapy


-Insect and pest repellents

-Cooking and seasoning


Here are a few examples for useful herbs:

-Aspirin – From the meadowsweet plant and white willow bark

-Quinine – From Belladonna leaves

-Morphine and Codine – From poppy seeds

-Lavender From the lavender plant

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