Hot and Cold Packs Relieve Pain!

Hot and Cold pack- The Cherry -Pit-Pac

Hot and cold packs are used to reduce inflammation, alleviate aches and pains and sooth sore, tired muscles. Heat and cold therapy is the simplest, least expensive and one of the most effective methods of pain relief.

There are several varieties of cold and hot packs. Some types can be used for both and others can old be used for hot or cold and not both.

For the cold bags there is the old fashion water bottle with ice in it, or warping some ice cubes in a damp towel. For many years doctors also recommended using a bag of frozen peas. This does work, however one or two uses it will usually have to be thrown away. So it can be a little expensive if used often.

For heat, of course the electric heating pad is the most popular but can not be used for cold. Some of the them also have built in massagers and the newer models have auto- shut off.

In recent years other types of hot/cold packs have become popular. Usually filled with grains or seeds, so they are natural. The ones listed below can be used of hot or cold packs. Either by placing in the freezer to cool. Or by placing them in the microwave to heat. The most popular of those are:

Cherry-Pit-Pac Heating Pad

Rice Bags

Corn bags

Wheat bags

Flaxseed Heating Pads

Buckwheat Heating Pads

Herbal Heating Pads

For use of the hot and cold packs see hot and cold therapy