Heating pads and the use of heat for pain relief!

Heating pads and cold packs are an effective way of reducing pain, swelling, inflammation and can be used more many other types of aliments.

Heat and cold has been used for the treatment of aches, pains and medical problems for thousands for years. Recently scientist have proven that heat actually does act as a pain reliever. Heat and warmth can also be used as a stress reliever relating muscles, tendons ans d reducing tension. Warmth also so has physiological benefits.

Over the years there has been a progression of different methods of applying heat or cold. In years past such methods included heating rocks in a fire, heating towels in boiling water, heating cherry pits or other similar item on the top of wood burning stoves.

More recently hot water bottles became more popular and then the electrical heat pad. Although the electric type is still widely used the microwaveable hot pad has become quite popular in the past 15 years. That of course was because of the invention of the microwave.

There are two basic types: Microwavable heating Pads, & Electric.

Other methods of applying heat include wax or parrifins dips, ointments and chemical treatments.

Many of the new types can also be used as cold packs, by simply storing in the freezer.