Dog Heating Pad and Puppy Heating Pad

Keep them safe and warm with their very own dog heating pad.

A dog heating pad is an excellent way to keep your dog or pet warm even in the winter. Most of the electric heating pads have a thermostat to keep the pad at about 102 degrees - ideal for your dog.

A heating pad for your dog is also ideal for kennels, basements, unheated garages, dog houses, and clinics.

It is also a good idea to have one made of plastic to discourage chewing and is easier to clean. Also a cord that is resistant to abrasion and of course chewing.

Your pet will appreciate not having the heating pad covering the entire doghouse floor. That way it will have a choice of using the pad or not.

Some people do use microwavable heating pads for their pets. There maybe some concern with health issue when using the same microwave to heat both the pets pad and your food. - Microwaves are becoming less expensive and it may be a good idea to use separate microwaves. or - at least have a washable cover for your pets heating pad.