Heating Pad for Back

What is the Ideal Heating Pad for Back?

Heat Back for back

Specially designed to provide comfort and pain relief for lower back pain This hotpack/cold pack fits across the lower back or other parts of the body to provide heat and cold therapy. To get it hot just place it in the microwave for 2 –3 minutes and it is ready. For a cold Pack place it in the freezer for about a hour, or store it there so it is ready at all times.

20 Inches long so it stretches the entire width of the back and 7 inches wide, a perfect fit to alleviate back pain relief back or shoulders. Also works great around the knees! Has ties to secure it around the waist, neck or knees - and is divided into 3 sections to keep the cherry pits in place.

Heat last 25-30 minutes, the time that doctors recommend for heat therapy. Cold also last about 25 minutes. The Cherry Pit Pac can be used as either as dry heat or moist heat because a little water can be added prior to heating to give a deep, penetrating moist heat.

With the ties it makes it perfect for working at home or at the office.

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