Healing with Heat

by Grace

My husband and I decided to move houses when we had our third child. We both felt that we needed a bigger place, especially one with a lawn so that our kids could enjoy time outdoors.

During the normal chaos and commotion associated with moving, I had an unfortunate accident. I was trying to move a cupboard all by myself as I only wanted to slide it further by a few inches, but it suddenly caved in and one side of it landed right on my left arm. I screamed in agony and called for help!

After being relieved by my children’s maid, I checked my arm. It was all red and too painful to even touch. All the first aid lessons popped up in my mind and I immediately began to ice it. That brought some relief for the time and it also brought the swelling down immensely.

Several hours later, the pain shot up and radiated all the way to my shoulder. I wasn’t able to bend at the elbow or raise my arm, even six inches. I tossed and turned all night in pain, popping pain killers and praying for a small miracle.

In the morning, I called in for a doctor’s appointment as I was sure that something was seriously wrong with my arm. An hour before I was to leave the house, my maid asked me to try using the heating pad. She thought it might help reduce the pain.

I made a half hearted attempt to find it and then used it for about fifteen minutes. I was simply amazed to see how quickly my pain went down. Yes, it was still there but, much less than before.

I cancelled my appointment, stayed in bed all day, and used the heating pad in intervals. By the time, my husband returned from work in the evening, I was actually standing in my kitchen, cooking a delicious meal for the family. He was very surprised.

That night, I used the heating pad about three times for fifteen minutes each and then slept peacefully. This practice carried on for about two weeks and by that time, I had fully recovered.

Since then, I always recommend the heating pad to everyone in the family and friends and it works beautifully most of the time. I realized that like nature, heat in itself is a powerful healer and is capable of fixing most things on its own. Time repairs most injuries and coupled with home remedies like these, majority of the problems are easily solved without medical treatment.

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