Flax seed - Benefits and Uses

Flax seed, also known as linseed, is the seed of the flax plant, which is believed to have originated in Egypt. It grows throughout Canada and the northwestern United States. The oil comes from the seeds.It has also been known as linseed. Flax plants in the field

Beautiful flax seed flower

It is most commonly used as a laxative because of its high fiber content. In recent years it has been more popular has an excellent source of Omega-3 acid and Omega-6 fatty acid. Fatty acids are the "healthy" fat that is needed by the body but does not produce it itself.

Flax seeds

Here is a list of some of it's benefits:

- Promotes healthy skin

- Helps lower pressure

- Helps lower blood cholesterol

- Protects against heart disease

- Aids the growth of healthy hair and nails

- Reduces the risk of cancer

- Many other really really good things

- Helps control arthritis.

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