Buckwheat Hulls used for Centuries

The crop plant buckwheat was first grown and cultivated in Southeast Asia around 6000 BC. As well as being edible and playing a major role in Japanese, Korean and Italian cuisine, it contains Rutin, a medicinal chemical that supports the capillary walls therefore reducing hemorrhaging in people with high blood pressure.

The hull or chaff of the plant has also been used for many years. The hull is used used as filling for pillows and neck supports. The hulls of the buckwheat are much more durable than synthetic fillers, and do not conduct or reflect heat. It is also hypo-allergenic.

In recent years and with the invent of the microwave a popular item has become heating pads, also made from the hull.

Buckwheat heating pads

Two other products made using the hull are shown

Buckwheat hull Sleeping Pillows and Travel Pillows