Treatment and Ways to soothe Arthritis Pain

Treatment options vary depending on the type of arthritis and arthritis pain include physical and occupational therapy, and medications (symptomatic or targeted at the disease process causing the arthritis). Arthroplasty (joint replacement surgery) may be required in eroding forms of arthritis.

Hot and cold therapy is being used more and more to eleviate the aches and pains of arthritis. Heat when applied in twenty minute intervals is extremely effective to loosing joints and diminish the pain.

Understanding your pain

Dealing with the pain caused by arthritis is for most people the hardest part of having Arthritis. However arthritis pain can be controlled but it does take education and effort on the part of the person with the aliment.

What works for pain relieve may not help another. You may need to try several treatments or a combination of them to find one that works for you.

You will need to take control of the management of your pain. You will need to have a plan, for arthritis one of the best places to educate your self is the web site of the arthritis foundation. You may want to purchase their book on Pain Management.

Having a positive mental attitude is one of the most important aspects of dealing with the pain. It is important to build a plan abound wellness and not focusing on the pain and your miserable. A wellness plan should be build around:

Positive thinking

Regular exercise

Good sense of Humor

A balanced, nutritionally sound diet

Being active with friends and family

Seek out positive people and avoid negative thinking people

Developing a hobby and other activities to help take your mind off of the pain

Other aids in controlling arthritis pain:

Heat and Cold Therapy

Use heat and cold can actually help reduce stiffness and pain. Recently scientist have proven that heat actually works much like some of the pain relievers such as aspirin. Cold packs numb the area, helping reduce the swelling and inflammation. Both of which can cause pain. Heat and cold work really well for joint pain caused by a flare. Heat improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

You can use either dry heat, such as heating pads, or heat lamps. Or you can use moist heat like a heated wash cloth or warm bath. Doctors recommend the use of heat or cold for 20-25 minute periods. Long periods of heat or cold can actually do more damage than good. When using any heating or cooling method caution should always be used and follow supplied instructions.

Protect your joints

Reducing the stress on your joints can help reduce the pain. Ways to reduce joint stress is to strengthen through exercise the surrounding muscles. Also learning proper methods of lifting, bending, reaching, standing and sitting. Of course you should avoid activities that aggravate already painful joints.

There are also many items on the market that help reduce stress on joints and make life easier for us. Examples would be zipper-pulls, reach extenders, and jar and can openers. And of course ask friends and family for assistance.

Other ways to help reduce arthritis pain are: Getting the proper sleep, Massages, Relaxation techniques, Surgery, and acupuncture.